The Tottering Family, headed by Lord Dicky and Lady Daffy, is the creation of cartoonist ANNIE TEMPEST in her renowned cartoon strip TOTTERING-BY-GENTLY which appears weekly in Country Life Magazine. This increasingly popular fictional family extends through three generations and includes the trusty Mrs Shagpile, the happy-go-lucky daily help, and two family dogs, Slobber and Scribble.

The older generation battle with our fast changing technological world while their grandchildren struggle to understand the snails pace of their elders’ thought process. Everyday subjects are targeted by the artist in her gently observational cartoons from Yoga in the Village Hall to high dining in the Great Hall of their crumbling stately home – a rather dilapidated modern version of Downton Abbey where all the staff have been laid off and the whole family have to muck in and help Mrs Shagpile stop the swallows nesting in the four posters in summer and sweeping snow off the billiard table in winter.

The two principals of Tottering-by-Gently, Raymond O’Shea and his business partner Annie Tempest, are frequent visitors to The Royal Oak.

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